We are an aquaculture operation growing shrimp as a source of protein without the necessity of depleting wildstocks for human consumption.

Our farm and hatchery use sustainable hydro- electric power to operate all electrical systems in the production of Kauai Shrimp.

Well sourced, pristine, saltwater is filtered through the volcanic sub strata of the island for use in the shrimp ponds.

Reusable polyurethane lined ponds enables continuous use of the same ponds without increasing our geographic foot print.

Bio-fluc technology is utilized in the grow out farm that reduces the need for additional feed and decreases discharge frequency into our settlement basin.

Clams are being grown in the shrimp ponds and they filter the water decreasing the need for water exchange. The shrimp bi products provide an excellent source of nutrition for the clams in a symbiotic relationship. The clams also provide for another source of revenue for our company.

In terms of sustainability, here are some of the main environmental and social issues and corresponding features of our operation. Download Kauai Shrimp Sustainability Profile below.