Chef Andys flame-grilled Prosciutto


Flame-grilled Hawaiian ginger-lime marinated Kauai shrimp.


Yield: 4 servings


2 lbs kauai shrimp (thawed)
approx. 30 leaves fresh Italian sweet basil
approx. 30 paper-thin slices prociutto 'De Parma' or any other quality prosciutto)
black pepper
virgin olive oil


  • Remove the shell between the head and tail of each shrimp leaving head and tail intact. (Heads may be removed if desired). Split the back of each shrimp in order to devein and clean. Place shrimp in a bowl after cleaning, pat dry and coat with olive oil then sprinkle with the black pepper.

  • Remove one shrimp and wrap the peeled section of shrimp with a basil leaf. Hold basil leaf in place and wrap one slice of prosciutto ham around shrimp until basil leaf is covered and ham is secured on shrimp. (Do not cover head or tail). Repeat this process until all shrimp are wrapped. Preheat char griller on medium-high and grill shrimp until ham is crispy and shrimp is cooked. Serve over risotto, salad or pasta. Basil pesto can also be used instead of basil leaves, just coat a peeled portion of shrimp with your favorite pesto recipe before wrapping with ham.