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Hands down, this is the best shrimp you'll ever taste. Known for its sweet flavor, superior texture and stunning visual appeal, Kauai Shrimp™ is the preferred choice of Kauai's and Hawaii's top chefs. NO chemicals, fertilizers or antibiotics are ever used. In addition to a high quality diet, the shrimp are grown in pure pristine salt water and in clean, food-grade plastic lined ponds. Combine all this with Kekaha's sunny weather and West Kauai aloha, and you have simply the shrimp you'll ever taste.

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a special farm

Sunrise Capital farm facilities are located in sunny Kekaha, on the west side of Kauai, Hawaii. The area has been identified as one of the best in the world to grow shrimp due to its sunny, dry conditions and relative isolation. The farm is divided into two main facilities, the Hatchery and the Grow-out Farm.

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and talented people

You can have all the advanced technology in the world, but ultimately it's the people who make the difference. Sunrise Capital is blessed with a staff with a plethora of knowledge and experience in shrimp and marine aquaculture from all over the world

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